About me

Sandra Leoni works internationally as a Qi-Mag Feng Shui Senior Consultant, Tao Senior Master and Tao1 Master Teacher. She is a professional Soul Coach by Denise Lynn and is currently aiming for the Master in Astrosophie® by Randolf M. Schäfer.

Sandra Leoni

Since childhood I have been convinced that we all have the potential for growth and unlimited skills. I was always looking for personality development and how the effects of space and surroundings have an impact on people. I was very lucky to always have great teachers, one of the most important of which is Grand Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim.

I have been working in this profession for many years. I like to work in teams for large projects. For some people, my knowledge will mean nothing, while for many others, it can be a great opportunity for a better, joyful and prosperous life, and even a fresh start. It doesn't matter what religious background someone comes from. We all came from the same place and will all return to the same place.

Do you know the Feng Shui consultant's lap top?

The Lo Pan is my most important tool in a consultation. The compass was used by geomancers in ancient China thousands of years ago. At that time only the Emperor had the right to apply this profound knowledge. Geomancers examined earth formations and bodies of water while astronomers observed the sky. Those who understood the power of such valuable information recorded their knowledge on an instrument called a Luo Pan or compass. At that time the Lopans were made of wood, today made of plexiglass.

the Feng Shui consultant\'s lap top

Well-trained Feng Shui consultants can interpret the information provided by the Lo Pan and are able to do directional and energetically precise calculations. The interpretation of these energies suggests suitable places for humans giving them the support they need to lead a good life.

The Lo-Pan is a fascinating measuring instrument of a disk of 360° and targets the magnetic north pole. Deliver all directions provide insightful details on how a house and its residents are positioned, interact with each other and how the 8 life-themes play their role. There are never the same values, each consultation is individual and the life of the people living in it, and thus every Feng Shui consultation is always "real handicraft" and can only be carried out with great experience, discipline and precise work.