Business Feng Shui

Take advantage of powerful Feng Shui for your business: Regardless of whether it is a small, a large or an international company: subtle results are becoming more and more important in the business area in order to be an attractive employer for good employees.

This is exactly where the environmental influences comes in: Space as a connection overall organism is decisive for the individual people and for entire teams. In the USA, there are already measurable studies that show that the ownership having made a considerable efforts within the first 2 years vividly observes that their employees prefer to come to work rather than staying at home and that they fully identify with their company.

The millennials attach the greatest importance to the overall concept of a company. Recent studies show that it is not necessarily associated with a good salary. Even design aspects without having any context, in the sense of a being a representative workplace, are no longer so important for the youngers. Much more emphasis is placed on a good work environment, security, health, social skills, a sense of cooperation and togetherness, objects of strong relationships. It is not competition, but cooperation which builds the new magic word of the future. Feng Shui for business supports you in reaching exactly these goals and not only attract but also keep the best employees for your company.

Qi-Mag (R) Feng Shui is able to create a symphony in the room made evolving from architectural parts, touching many ethical levels. These differences not only turn employees more vital and more active, but even if they interract with the customer, the customers feel valuable and intuitively perceived, well treated and heard. In business it is more important than ever to unify architecture, space, design, plants, building biology, light and color in an energy-related and emotionally transformative way and to confidently place people in the center of a future-oriented - because human friendly – architecture.


An employee employee is also a personal father, a work colleague, a husband, a boss and a member of our society. A happy co-worker is also a fried co-designer, nurturing mother, action leader and shining example for the boys. Today's companies are more and more aware of their great social responsibilities. They know that they have it in their hands, like the world in 5, 10, 20, 50 years and which course they can set for the future of their children and grandchildren. A significant same, from which no one can simply steal away. Farsighted, responsible leaders are evolving more and more and many global and national companies are already applying Feng Shui for business successfully with great awareness!