My consulting service for garden feng shui in new or existing gardens

  • Initial consultation (by phone) free of charge
  • Inspection and needs analysis (your goals and wishes) personally on site. Costs: journey and hourly rate

According to the offer after the measurements have been taken

  • Floor plan analysis
  • Classic compass analysis with the Lo Pan
  • Development of the necessary remedial measures
  • Draft garden layout taking into account the different cardinal points

Special services according to a separate offer

  • Tao Master Geomancy, clearing of all geopathic fault zones, spiritual blockades, harmonization and merging of all areas, activation of all power points, special activation of the heart point
  • Calculation of most favorable dates for the groundbreaking
    The practical implementation is carried out by a garden specialist and landscape gardener chosen by you. On request, I can be consulted during the whole procedure of the construction phase. Special rates apply.