Bagua: The 8 areas of life

Discover the magic of the Bagua: We humans have always been concerned with many life issues. If even one of them is out of balance, then this affects our being to the fullest and influences all other areas of life.

The Bagua represents all human life issues in the form of an octagon. The center is the center from which everything starts. An aspect of life is assigned to each of these nine areas. Experienced Feng Shui consultants apply this scheme to the floor plan of the apartment and house, garden and surroundings. You will quickly see where the challenge lies and which measures will bring great relief. These are sometimes super simple, but “knowing how” is the be-all and end-all. Another level of consideration when taking into account the Bagua is the person himself, his organs, family assignment and the elements contained in him.

With the Feng Shui part we steer the energy in the right direction, so that it finally runs smoothly and the person is supported by the right energy and does not slow down or discourage. Take advantage of the Bagua and improve health, well-being and flow in your apartment, office or garden now!