Hotels and Gastronomy

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - Design by Elements can be so very intriguing when applied together with the knowledge of Feng-Shui.

Soothing, pieceful atmospheres, that is what both sophisticated travellers as well as highly sensitive people are appreciating today 

Take advantage of powerful Feng Shui principles for hotels, restaurants and other service institutions: Soothing, pieceful atmospheres, that is what both sophisticated travellers as well as hihgly sensitive people are appreciating today.

Highly trained Feng-Shui consultants study atmosphere, layout and geographical situations of a place for a few days until they come up with a decision if this place is going to be a good place for work, business opportunities and a successful resort with happy returning guests. Creating connection is the key word!

Comfort combined with style is a real art. For the guests it shall be the ultimate pleasure of being in an oasis where space and time are fully coherent in their perception. The Feng Shui concepts for hotels are simply blissful and have special charisma. The first feeling you may notice is the connection of the place to its inhabitants and landscapes. A gentle, welcoming aura followed by the sense of space, openeness and calmness – in one word: the extra spark! It is your decision to style your hotel or restaurant urban, colourful, contemporary, industrial, natural, traditional or avantgarde: we will be happy to work together with your personal designers and architects. One aspect is for sure : integrating Feng Shui for hotels, restaurants and other places of leisure heightens every effort, it gives guests and employees such an enormous feeling of being at ease and in a harmonious, blissful state. Business Feng-Shui reaches so many more levels than you could ever imagine!

Feng Shui for hotels and the gastronomy: You should definitely not let it go!