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Soothing & Relaxing!

Sandra Leoni has provided us with her excellent Business Feng-Shui Skills which we all applied consequently. Furthermore she has upgraded the space tremendously by conducting a very deep Tao Landclearing and activating several essentila points, eg. such as the heart-point, the success and wealth point and the healing point. From the very first moment we received lots of bookings and the space attracted many people who approached first only to feel the sooting atmospehere and then became our most precious customers.

Until today our business is growing and an ongoing success. I highly recommend Sandra Leoni, she is a real expert how we can conduct and implement energy to support us. She has real competence in her field and her powerful tools upgrade each business to reach the highest potential, but also providing the best experience for the clients.

Beautiful “House of Eden Spa”, Zürich

Powerful business space!

I am flashed! Inquiries for coaching were coming from the very moment I was moving in. There is so much flow in this project! I am very grateful that Sandra helped me to implement the principles of Feng-Shui to create a powerful and attractive working space..

Barbara Fitze, CEO Novis GmbH, Bern

Great atmosphere in our entire space!

I've been an avid customer of Tao Heart Dimension for nearly a decade. First, the land revitalization of our property took place. From the very beginning, a lot of things have changed very positively. By healing all stress fields, we benefit from a restful, calm sleep and a healthy, pleasant feel-good climate throughout our house.

In 2013, the 2nd phase took place by creating a Feng-Shui concept for our house. Sandra calculated how the rooms could optimally support the residents, as well as the setting up of the sleeping and workspaces taking into account the personal color concept. My children were able to relax and successfully absolve the school phases. The recognition and clearing of the blockages and the activation of the new Ming Tang, as well as the creation of a super backing, have made us find much more easily flowed.

Whenever personal blockages appeared with me, the competent coaching of Sandra moved me forward successfully. Clarity arose and obstructing patterns began to dissipate. I am fascinated how much positive change is possible overall through energy work.

Petra W.

Brilliant outcome!

After Sandra Leoni harmonized the land we enjoyed a very good season. The planning procedure of the new project run smoothly and we faced no further objections from adjacent neighbors.

Now we are looking forward to proceed with the groundbreaking for our new project and are thrilled to build it on highly energetic ground, so that our future customers are the luck ones who will enjoy the harmony and piece at its best.

Robert A., Owner, Saas-Fee, Schweiz

It works! Sandra's coaching program has given me great insights and much more awareness.

It works! "The My Soul Loves Truth" program has given me more awareness and I finally have the right tools to better access what is in my life. The self-development program has inspired me and it’s a lot of fun.

Every time I repeat the program I discover something new. The mixture of inner and outer "decluttering" is really liberating and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Iris P.

Entrance inside

  • New Atrium-Daylight to attract Heavens Luck
  • Biophilic Design: living green walls provide extra energy
  • Strong backing
  • Heartpoint: Tree & Quartz Crystal
  • Water fall
  • Scent system
  • Fullspectrum lighting
  • Ecological paint with Shen-Ion powder
  • Natural Ceramic flooring
  • Warm wood finishings
  • Softening & Relaxing Curved Design
  • Ionized Vital Water system
  • Ionized Vital Air

Pharos Office Building in Amsterdam