My consulting service for your new building planning and property purchase

  • Initial consultation (by phone) free of charge
  • Inspection and needs analysis (your goals and wishes) personally on site. Costs: journey and hourly rate

According to the offer after the measurements have been taken

  • Floor plan and land map analysis
  • Review of geopathic and historical interference fields
  • Review of the overall architectural and spatial impact including garden, access roads, landscape feng shui
  • Personal potential analysis of the residents (Ba Zi - Chinese astrology)
  • Checking the qi flow on the site: qi follows the form, the person is influenced by qi
  • Concept talks - what should the new rooms do and where are the focal points
  • Analysis of construction projects, optimization according to Feng Shui criteria
  • Classic compass analysis with the Lo Pan

Special services according to a separate offer

  • Calculation of most favorable dates for the groundbreaking
  • Calculation of most favorable dates for moving in
  • Garden Feng Shui – Feng Shui design, power points, themes