Mystical pyramids in Bosnia: Are you ready for excitement to feel energy and find perception?

Discover the secret of the pyramids in Bosnia. Join a unique adventure trip on the trail of one of the most exciting secrets of mankind!

The pyramids in Bosnia form probably the largest and oldest pyramid complex on earth with an associated extensive tunnel system. They are located just a few kilometers from Sarajevo. The excavation sites dating back to over 25,000 years, have been found and discovered by Dr. Sam Osmanagich and are labeled of natural origin.

The region around Visoko exhibits many physically measurable phenomenas. Special electromagnetic fields, negative ions and invigorating oxygen concentrations exist both above and below ground, this is unique and inexplicable worldwide. Many visitors feel particularly beneficial effects when they are in this area and have long since returned home to report that their well-being still continued after this trip. Now it is your time to discover the secrets of the pyramids in Bosnia!

On this magic journey we are going to focus on energy and perception regarding the pyramids, explore the quantum principles and surrounding environment, which is connected with enigmatic relics. Stefan, who knows the area very well will take care of all of us in a very responsible attitude.


On this trip, we combine visible material facts with quantum physically “energetic” aspects. The travel participants will receive an amazing overview from the areas of archeology, geology, measurement technology / building biology, (Tao) geomancy, radiesthesia, history (mystical legends and facts) and modern quantum physics.

The excursions lead us to the pyramids in Bosnia: We will discover their architecture, the tunnels, the mystical stone balls and other enigmatic and powerful places. Especially the tunnels with their worldwide uniqueness have a noticeable and measurable positive effect on our body. The negative ion content of the air, inside the earth, has a quality that cannot be found anywhere else in the world in this constellation.

The exclusive Pyramid Lodge enthrones above the roofs of Visoko. The Boromelian kings used to rule most of the Balkan possessing this square for many centuries.

The sensational location, in the midst of wonderful nature and the immediate proximity to the summit of this remarkable mountain, forms the ideal basis for an eventful, exciting and also relaxing stay. The sunsets are absolutely spectacular.

The lodge offers beautiful rooms, good cuisine and a wonderful view of the hilly landscape. In addition to air quality and tranquility, targeted building biological measures such as the inclusion of natural materials from the surrounding area, special orthopedic bed systems and, with a high degree of probability, proximity to the energy field of the pyramid of the sun, also play a decisive role in ensuring that one feels wonderful here can recover.

With the exception of the arrival and departure day, we visit the tunnels five times, including at night. This enables us to intensively connect with this special place.

No one has been to Ravnegang with groups more than Stefan in the past 6 years. He also owns the Pyramid Lodge. His experience and his knowledge as a building biology measurement technician not only helps to make the visit safe, but also to be able to take the best from such a spectacular trip.

Travel dates

Next possible travel dates accompanied by Sandra Leoni including sightseeing and overnight in Sarajevo:

May 8th - 15th, 2021fully booked
May 22nd - 29th, 2021fully booked
September 18th - 25th, 2021Mystic Tour Bosnia Herzegovina
October 16th - 23rd, 2021Mystic Tour Bosnia Herzegovina
November 6th - 13th, 2021Quantum 7 (Q7) Pyramid - Communication & Perception

I hope you are interested in a truly unique trip. Write me an email if you want to learn the secrets of the pyramids in Bosnia in a very special way and do it quickly, because the trips are always booked up incredibly fast!