Feng Shui is a factor that boosts your resilience!

Experience the wonderful impact of Feng Shui in your home, garden or business. Resilient people are able to utilize their skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges. And good Feng Shui definitely helps tremendously!

Please consider this fact: You cannot have resilience and awareness without energy! First you have to have the energy to become conscious and successful, that is the way!

Feng Shui

Enjoy the magical powers of Feng Shui in your home, office or garden: The greatest legacy of this ancient science is the art of wellness, how to preserve one's health. People often only focus on the well-being of their bodies, but there is so much more: a holistic approach of cultivating not only physical and material, but also emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Become aware of the Qi (pronounced chee), the universal life energy that flows through and sustains all things. By becoming aware of the Qi within us, in our brain, our heart and our body, we can cultivate our Qi, learn how to let it flow unobstructed, and learn how to balance our own life force with other living beings and Nature itself. True and longlasting well-being comes from balance and harmony — with oneself, others and our environment. This leads to piece, joy and a very good life.

Feng Shui increases your performance at home and at work

Feng Shui is able to create a symphony in your home made evolving from architectural parts, touching many ethical levels. These differences not only turn employees more vital and more active, but even if they interract with the customer, the customers feel valuable and intuitively perceived, well treated and heard. In business it is more important than ever to unify architecture, space, design, plants, building biology, light and color in an energy-related and emotionally transformative way and to confidently place people in the center of a future-oriented - because human friendly – architecture.

Good Feng Shui is powerful! It gives you insights and finds the potential on numerous aspects of life.

Feng Shui is an ancient profound science to improve life and work and is consciously applied by thousands of people and companies worldwide. This instrument reveals things that have been intuitively felt for a long time, but cannot always be explained by the rational mind alone. Feng Shui offers methods to direct energies in the human environment such as your home, office or garden and to bring them into balance. The point is to create beneficial places for people to feel good, in which they can live vitally, inspired and act powerfully.


Good vibes are a high value, also for entrepreneurs!

Business Feng Shui is applied by lots of companies and if a company has done all other criterias of leading their company correctly then you can increase the attractivity by far.

Lots of companies could observe the following criterias:

  • More customer loyalty
  • Successful acquisition of new customers
  • The attractiveness of your company increases and you are perceived more clearly
  • Higher performance and strengthening the vitality of all employees
  • Better handling and communication among colleagues and with superiors
  • Significantly lower error rates and more creative work results for employees
  • Reduced absenteeism and more loyal employees
  • Better networking at home and abroad

Business Feng Shui is used without compromise!

+ Headquarters of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong
+ British Airways headquarters, England
+ Donald Trump Group headquarters, New York, USA
+ Siemens, Germany
+ BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte), Munich
+ BMW Munich
+ Marks & Spencers
+ Virgin group
+ Hotel groups Hyatt, Shangri-La, Holiday Inn
+ Schools and hospitals
+ Banks
+ Politicians
+ Royal houses

A Feng-Shui garden that was designed according to the wishes of the residents is PURA VIDA!

After a intense working day all stress drops when you enter your garden. Humans interact with nature and the joy of life is there immediately, it is the fastest resource for finding yourself, feeling connected to everything and enjoying life to the fullest! Get in touch and experience the wonders of Feng Shui in your home and garden now!

The trend of planning a garden design according to Feng-Shui principles has been going on for many years. It is the most original, oldest form in the world to create a garden. Many synergies are used, which are very cheap for the residents. The power that such a garden obtains is incredible!

Activated Heartpoint – Pure Power...

It’s magnetic!

The gate of Qi brings joy, lightness and momentum to your life

You determine which theme garden you would like to create. Activated power points can be set in all gardens. You can also accommodate several topics in large gardens and create an interesting constellation.



An oasis of calm and regeneration leads to incredible inspiration and new strength. The privilege of being able to enjoy such a garden, terrace or balcony is wonderful and more valuable today than ever!

Your Feng-Shui garden will have a beautiful atmospheric aura at any time of the day!

Even a small terrace or balcony can be designed so deliberately that it can be noticeably more powerful and incredibly inspiring for the residents.

Everything is possible!
Your garden, your lifestyle, your life

The integration of feng shui has long been an integral part of western architecture. Conscious people want living space that is in harmony with nature, people and animals, because this creates the basis for vitality, success and joyful living.

What you see is what you can probably get!

It is a real art to read landscapes and their natural conditions. It is absolutely crucial whether people find an adequate place to live which corresponds to their individual potential, providing inspiration, power and a feeling of security.

Train your perception… it brings you true potential...