An energy and perception journey to the original spirit of mother earth in Lapland

Have you always wanted to be one with heaven and earth?
In the travel seminar GEO ACTIVATION we dive deep into the landscapes to become ONE with them and to feel and experience the oneness with heaven and earth!

The Sami, who make up a large part of Lapland's population, still live in harmony with the earth and the universe. This area offers the perfect contrast to our Central European living conditions. Here the primordial spirit of Mother Earth is still omnipresent and shows itself both in the water and in the rock. For example, in the northeast of Norway the oldest crystal in Europe, found at 3.69 billion years. This led to the assumption that Europe has its origins in the far north.

The breathtaking landscape of Lapland is characterized by lakes, bogs, forests and the proximity to the North Sea. The climate is accordingly rough and wild, but can also exceed the sound limit of 30 ° in midsummer.


A large variety of wild animals, such as moose, reindeer, wolverines, luxe, wolves, foxes and many bird species, live in this extraordinary environment. The lakes are home to many types of fish. Superfood from the forest is provided.

The northern lights will also be a mega highlight and in Lemmenjoki National Park you will be able to admire trees that are over 800 years old!

You live alone or as a couple in a cozy cabin by THE WHITE BLUE WILDERNESS LODGE in the middle of the Finnish wilderness and have a personal car and boat driver during this time.

This seminar takes place in the Lapland area under the direction of Sandra Leoni and Rosa Georgi, 2 experienced Tao geomancers.

Travel Dates

July 15th - 22nd, 2021 fully booked
September 02nd - 09th, 2022 An energy and perception journey to the original spirit of mother earth in Lapland

On this trip you will encounter the natural elements and be able to immerse yourself in dimensions that will make this trip breathtakingly unforgettable!