Feng Shui Consulting and Biophilic Design

Professional Feng Shui Consulting nurtures harmony, well-being and flow in your living and working spaces. Did you know that as humans we are immediately influenced by inside space when entering it? Living and working almost over 80% of our time in closed surroundings we have to be aware that space and form have a tremendous effect on our consciousness: Good Feng Shui Design spaces are inspirational, restorative and vital, as well as integrative with the functionality of the building and the place. The intention is to heal body, mind and soul. So why not bring nature back to urban sites and benefit from a professional Feng Shui consulting?

Many global companies have started to incorporate biophilic design and Feng Shui aspects. Based on studies, such as the one from the University of Michigan, show that there is a 20% increase of productivity after people spend just one hour in nature. Just one hour evoques a dramatic positive impact, imagine that!

Implementing the art of Feng Shui and Biophlic Design there are two aspects: one is that we face two different choices to architecture and even more important we could face a completely healthier approach to human nature!

As soon as we enter a building we instantly resonate with the vibes of a place and building. This happens within 9 seconds! After 3 months we begin to mirror emotional aspects, after 6 months it gets physical and within 9-12 months patterns raise and spiritual impacts begin to influence us. Get in touch and enjoy the benefits of a professional Feng Shui consulting now!


When kids are asked to draw their favorite spot about 96 % will draw a source in nature!

We should make Feng Shui and Biophilic Design much more a priority and bring the desired sense of connection to nature much more in schools and hospitals, too. Studies show that if schools have daylight the results of the students raise by 25 %.

In hospitals with biophilic design patients regenerate faster and need less medication. In cities it was observed that crime rates were much lower when there are a lot of trees nearby. Living near a forest shows that our brain functions are much healthier.

What accelerates our mood and our brain is the sense of exhilaration coming from nature. Feeling alive we become incredibly creative! We also need the variation in light and patterns, acustics, texture and colours that fills us with a sense of ease. It is good to have inside space where we can interact with each other and where inside melts with the outside environment.

For the Love of life we should make decisions for human friendly buildings and vital, dynamic spaces reconnecting us to nature and each other in order to create a better future for our children and us. Enquire about a tailor-made Feng Shui consulting for your home or office now!