Activate your Heart-Point, it’s time to
own your future!

Join and participate at the global heart-point activation challenge STARTING ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2021!

If we intend to master those difficult times, we've got to live in a state of mindfulness and heart-centeredness. We are operating in a technologically advanced world, where we juggle many balls. But how to balance out this yang fast-living life?

Our heart is our primary guidance system and our brain our secondary. But moving from head to heart and staying heart centered is the key!

If you wish support to be able to stay more heart centered and acting from your heart - as your heart knows best what‘s good for you, suits you and brings you really forward - here is what I can do for you: As a Tao Master I can activate a real pulsating heart point in your home and your business! This heart point is constantly pulsing love-energy in and around your space and as a human being you are connected to your greatest power source! Those of my customers who are already supported by this incredible uplifting energy constate each and every one that they feel permanently supported, carried and nourished by those beautiful, joyful heart frequencies. Their whole life has changed tremendously in all areas. They feel more fulfilled, have greater relationships and encountered much more abundance and opportunities since then.

Nowadays we can place the heartpoint where it is practical and suitable at the same time, it does not necessarily have to be in the middle of the house.

Even in modern times like today, these unwritten laws still apply, but the house shapes have become more diverse.

It is therefore important that the heart point is consciously activated and in harmony, not too weak or spilled. The positive forces are pooled and new, good opportunities are wonderfully drawn into our lives.

In business, too, a strong heart performs at all levels. It promotes success, good customer frequencies, as well as good companionship and loyalty among employees.