An energy and perception journey to discover the beauties of the soul of Venice

Venice - La Serenissima - is full of secrets and we will explore how space and time merge in this famous lagoon city and how until this day all dimensions of space, time, natural elements and culture play a huge role for mankind. With Venice's most famous guide, we will explore the history of this mystical city on foot on the first day and be inspired by the hustle and bustle of this breathtaking city.

Learn more about what it's like to delve into the complexity of things with sharpened senses. In cities like Venice, you can feel the earth's soul well. The play of colors of the architecture and the meaningful symbolism will inspire you and let you see the world differently from now on. Rosa Georgi and Sandra Leoni have in-depth knowledge in the fields of symbolism, geomancy and the soul landscape in general and will connect you to all of those aspects.

Have you always wanted to feel the balance of cosmic and earthly forces?


Experience the splendor of this city and also local life. We show you where the locals shop and take you further and further away from the main streams of Venice into secret corners, where you can experience the authentic life of the islanders up close.

You will definitely love it!

The breathtaking landscape of Venice is characterized by the elements of the sea, the wood, the earth and stones, the fire, the metal. Everything is noticeably present here.

On the still idyllic island of Murano we will attend a glass blowing demonstration and will have a close encounter to the element of fire. The manufacture of glass is fascinating and has something magical.

To get closer to the element of metal we will take a trip to the mainland to Vicenza where we will visit one of the oldest and most famous metal locksmiths in 5th generation in the region, namely La Fucina Artistica Matteazzi.

Let yourself be fascinated by alchemy, how wonderful works of art are formed from an iron rod and how life is suddenly blown into matter. See the living masters in person!


October 16th, 2021 Discover the beauties of the soul of Venice

The way we explore Venice and the surrounding area is so far unique. You will be amazed by the diversity, charm and revelation of this unique city!