Coaching by Tao Heart Dimension: Live life at your terms!

Experience the power of coaching: Ar you ready for abundance, fulfilling relationships, finding your purpose and fun? Become unstoppable!

Together we unblock your biggest limitations, build radical confidence and call-in your greatest success.

1. The Tao Heart Dimension "Signature Coaching Program"

  • 3 months of intensive 1:1 coaching calls, to unrole your ultimate vision. Take relentless action to reach your goals within short time and to thrive in all areas of your life!
  • Includes: The Tao Heart Dimension "Essential Wisdom Program"

2. The Tao Heart Dimension "Essential Wisdom Program"

  • 5 weeks of coaching, taking heart-centered action in 1:1 coaching calls, so that you can put into practice to create the energy you need to live a fulfilled and successful life
  • Includes: Heart-Point Activation in your home!

3. The Tao Heart Dimension "Supreme Longevity Approach Program"

  • 2 months of intensive in depth-personaly tailored 1:1 coaching calls, so that you can claim back your energy, build more resilience and deliberate from old patterns that block you.
  • Includes: Somatic Relasing and Re-Activation of Your Power Centers!

4. The Tao Heart Dimension "Abundance & Prosperity Program: Change your Money Blueprint"

  • 3 months of coaching, once every 2 weeks so that you can put into practice the plan you’ve created during the intensive and take relentless action.
  • Includes: Understanding The billionaires' mindset!

Specials for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022
Pastlife Regressions and Removing Constraints of Ancestors

Unblock your biggest energetic constraints for ever!

Your ancestors have passed down their positive creations, but also their trauma to you. The effects of inherited trauma are numerous, limited perspectives of what is possible for you, compromised vitality, emotional issues related to money and financial struggles. What they gave you in your epigenetics also controls how you behave in moments of opportunity and if you can catch opportunities.

We’ll start out with an Introductory Session to get clarity on your goals for our work together, make a plan, and take the first steps into your process.

The coaching sessions are held online.

Now it's time to reach fulfillment, joy and connection in all areas of our lives - with coaching by Tao Heart Dimension!