Spiritual travel seminar to Venice: Discover the original spirit in and around the city

Join us on a magically unique travel experience to Venice. We encounter this time-honored, magical place with all our sensitivity and spirituality. Sandra Leoni and Rosa Georgi are two experienced Tao geomancers and will introduce you to communication with the primal spirit of the lagoon landscape, with the following focus:

The lagoon landscape invites us to perceive its energy, analyze it and, where necessary, bring it back into balance.

During our travel to Venice, we will capture the lagoon as a landscape body and thus interact. Each participant will encounter the lagoon on a different level, e.g. physical, emotional or spiritual. When we confront the past and allow it to happen, the first step to healing begins. This applies figuratively to the lagoon, as well as to us as being visitors on this spiritual level.

The primal spirit of the lagoon urges us to get into synchronizity with the primal elements of this planet:

WATER - to honor this element, we will visit the beach of the Lido. This island pushes like a bar in front of the lagoon and protects it from storms and tidal waves.

We will activate the sand and the sea to further expand this protection, for the benefit of EVERYONE! We also visit a very old Jewish cemetery (founded in the 14th century), which will train our senses in many ways. We will also clarify the question, what does one have to do with the other? Letting go of emotions is key. Travel with us to Venice and enjoy  this one-of-a-lifetime experience with all your senses. 

WOOD - Venice has been in the water for hundreds of years, built on millions of wooden piles rammed into the clay below to construct buildings on it.

We will take a boat along the canals, look at the visible wooden structures and then energetically support them in their role. Similarly, our skeleton does the same thing, so we will find parallels.


FIRE - we find this element on the island of Murano. The fire is required for glass production and heats the glass ovens up to 1300 ° C. The history of glassblowers and the island of Murano invites us to explore this beautiful element of transformation.

We will advance to the core: What is our heart yearning for, how can we find and fulfill our heart's desire?

EARTH - this element is represented by the island of Torcello (predecessor of Venice and already settled in the 1st century AD): THRONE of ATTILA, this stone seat was probably the throne of the bishop.

Explore powerful energies as you travel through Venice. This is about capturing emotional anchors and learning to solve them. Only our gut feeling is in the foreground at this point and we will sort out how can we trust it.

METAL - is particularly represented by the GOLDEN BASILICA, St. Mark's Basilica. We will look at the cathedral from an energetic perspective. How does this magnificent building feel, which stories can it tell us and how can we support on a energetical level?

Which organs report when viewing and communicating with this building and we will focus on « what can I do for myself at this point? »

The aim of this trip is to recognize all reinforcing and non-supportive energies and to deal with them. Our senses will be trained and sharpened, especially the third eye and our gut feeling. The beauty of the place forms a special framework for this. You will come into incredible power and develop a mindset at its finest that you can access anytime in the here and now and in the future. Let's travel to Venice together now and explore the city on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level!

Travel Dates

November 14th - 18th, 2021 An energy and perception journey to discover the beauties of the soul of Venice

We are looking forward to enjoying this trip together with you!