Attract wealth & blissful abundance into your life

To attract wealth, prosperity & money, you can apply 5 extremely effective Feng-Shui principles:

1. Make sure you are able to hold your money!

This is by far the most important step! Quite a few of my previous clients had a very well-paid job. Yet, at the end of the month, it was hard for them to make ends meet and money was missing everywhere. To them, it felt like money was secretly running out of their hands and they could not understand why and where it went.

Feng-Shui offers deep wisdom on how to preserve the lifeforce and the reasons why people lose money are often found in house design or old historical stress-fields that emanate turbulent frequencies from the ground. The flow of money is closely related to the flow of energy (qi) in space. Many houses look great at first sight as they have big windows, beautiful views and vast rooms. Nevertheless, some of them drain money away. With the powerful techniques of Feng-Shui, it will be so much easier to attract wealth, blissful abundance and money into your life and home.

5 possible reasons why it is not possible to attract and keep wealth – and what to do about it.

# 1. Avoid any doors facing each other and in one single line

In Feng-Shui, it is a proven fact that money flows out of the house when the front and back doors are lined up. It’s even worse when your backdoor is bigger than your front door. If this is the case in your home, it’s advisable to block the space between those two doors. Add a faceted crystal or a windchime with closed pipes in between the two doors to stop the chi of running through. Another option is to place a rug or plant on the floor or to put artwork on the walls to slow down the chi flow and to prevent money-loss and attract more wealth into your life and home.

# 2. Views from front to back

Money loss can also occur when we have a direct view from an entrance door through the large windows on the back of a house. Place some furniture, curtains, a screen or any other suitable item to stop chi moving out of the balcony doors or windows.

# 3. Avoid any slope at the backside of your house

How your house is positioned on the land is essential. Ideally your house should be embedded in the surroundings, that the backside of the house is not pointing towards the descent of a hill, a mountain or any other slope as it is observed more than often that this can cause financial loss. Plant a stand of five trees at the backside of your house to stop the energy from running off and attract more wealth and abundance.

As there are no simple and quick solutions that take care of this issue, an experienced Feng-Shui expert will be of great help. Step by step we are going to transform the energies of your home in a powerful way! Not only will you be able to keep money & wealth in your home without having to undergo expensive conversion or renovation works, but you will also gain many insights why things in other areas of your life went in the wrong direction or got out of control.

Don’t lose time and get in touch with me. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to work on your personalized concept to fulfill your needs and deepest desires.

# 4. Avoid being exposed to the sound of running water while you sleep

Leaking water taps are a no-go. Even a slightly dripping faucet means your money is slowly, but systematically draining away. Whether it's a leaking faucet, running toilet, the running waters of a fountain or a pool: If you’re exposed to the sound of running water while sleeping this could cause you to losing money.

# 5. Avoid your bed being next to a wall with a toilet, shower, sink or stove

Make sure your bed doesn't share a wall directly with a sink, toilet or stove. If so, move your bed to another more suitable place of your sleeping room. Even if your money is not directly affected by the bed sharing a wall with the toilet or stove, this arrangement could have an effect on your wellbeing and in a larger sense on your wealth and financial status.

2. Attract wealth and create a prosperity mindset!

There are two types of money: generated money and money that accrues. Most of the people are able to generate money, but the problem is they too often spend it quickly.

It’s important to understand that if you don’t make a plan to save money, money won't accrue.

Please, never speak out loud or even think that you don't have any money. All your assets and things that surround you are money. The secret lies in shifting the prosperity energy in your life, so that money is accumulated and not just spent If this sounds hard for you it’s essential to have a closer look on your money mindset. I help you to allocate the hidden blocks, releasing them and writing your new story about money.

3. Put your intention on attracting wealth and prosperity in your home!

Have you already allocated a wealth corner in your home?

According to this ancient wisdom the direction of southeast represents the corner where we can accumulate chi for abundance and prosperity. Take your house-plan and check which rooms are in the southeast of your home. Is it your living-room, dining room, bedroom or office? If those rooms can be found this is auspicious for your wealth. The beautiful thing about Feng-Shui is, however, that we can always work on both the macro and the micro level and therefore feel free to:

  • Create a wealth corner in your house: If a fireplace, bathroom or kitchen happen to be located in the southeast corner of your home, take a look at your living room and activate your wealth corner in the southeast of this room instead. The wealth corner is activated by placing a plant or a fountain there.

  • Create wealth accumulation qi: Where intention goes, energy flows. By establishing your own wealth point in your living room, you will be able to not only attract more wealth, but also accumulate and increase prosperity and abundance.

    Place a vase or bowl preferably to the corner at southeast of your living room and start adding money and other wealth-increasing items to it.

4. How to attract wealth for your home!

# 1 Create by using your intuition

Use your feelings and tune into how prosperity looks like for you. You have to like what you see and feel attracted and represented of which items you put into your house.

Typical wealth bowls are filled with items that inspire wealth, have value, or represent wealth and prosperity.

You might fill it with real or fake diamonds large and small, gold or lucky Chinese coins. You could also add semi-precious stones eg. lapis lazuli, amethyst, and citrine. Simple glass pebbles are fine, too or paint your own gold-colored stones. Be playful!

# 2: Choose a suitable bowl

Select a round-shaped glass or crystal bowl of medium size that will hold your items easily.

# 3: Add a beautiful statue

Wealth is a great blessing and why not having the blessings from a statue you like and represents wealth?

# 4: Add your zodiac sign

Also a good way to infuse your wealth corner with prosperity chi is to add a figure of your Personal Zodiac Sign. For example, if you’re a sheep, add a sheep figure. Make also sure you add the sign of the main breadwinner.

# 5 Put a small water-fountain

A fountain creates good chi in your living room, but you cannot put it everywhere, so make sure that it is placed properly. If you are not sure about it, please reach out to me.

Blissful abundance manifests from a source deep in our heart.

Show your money the biggest love every day and the universe will gladly reflect it back to you!

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5. Avoid mistakes and change your perception!

# 1: Avoid focusing on too many things at once

When we try to create too many things, we do not get traction or results in any area.

Many people make the mistake of trying to attract wealth have better finances, discover their life-purpose, find love or lose weight all at the same time. And while I’m sure it feels like ALL of these areas of your life could be improved, the problem is that when your focus is split, you won’t be able to get traction anywhere.

Focus on a maximum of 2 things at the same time for a few months and then make an assessment of what you have achieved and what you want to improve next.

# 2: Avoid setting intentions or goals from the logical mind

Once we have clarity on what to focus on, it feels natural for most of us to think logically about what would make sense as a next step. For example: "I just got a credit card bill, so I should focus on making more money this year."

The challenge with this approach is that when we think from the logical mind, we are in a waiting position therefore in a state of lack. Lack cannot attract wealth nor manifest abundance.

While your mind says “more money!”, your inner self feels sad, tired, and overwhelmed, because maybe what you most yearn for is something else: to discover your purpose or create more love and intimacy in your life. The split between your mind and your deeper emotions will make it hard to succeed. The secret is to dive deep into your emotions, be honest with yourself and get 100% clarity on what it is you really need and want to create for yourself.

# 3: Avoid setting intentions from fear, scarcity or reaction

Should you've tried pushing, controlling and setting goals from your mind and it did not work then it’s time to approach life from another perspective.

Whether you fear you'll miss the opportunity of having love in this life because you're getting older, or you're afraid that you won't succeed in your business or because you haven't published a book, setting intentions from the place of fear, scarcity and reaction does not serve you. It will keep you disconnected from your creative power and your ability to manifest the things you truly want to attract into your life.

Blissful abundance manifests from a source deep in our heart. It’s a natural, free flowing energy, which is the most powerful condition of wisdom, inner stillness and multidimensional awareness without any attachment, there’s no thinking, no judgment.

# 4: Avoid "surrendering" and let go of control by thinking "If it's meant to be, it will happen sometime."

If we surrender to passivity and give up all our power of creation things could stagnate and we lose focus on what is important to us. Abundance and prosperity gives us freedom to help, to learn, to support others and to become self-actualized on the deepest levels of our being.

Having tried so hard without success, it's easy to think you need to "let go and let a higher power take care of your destiny.” It leaves you questioning whether you really deserve what you desire, and doubts will come up if it’s really possible and whether creating abundance for us truly works. Instead of being a creator, you become a victim of outer circumstances.

If you happen to have reached this point, you may want to revisit the information previously laid out here – and consult a Qi-Mag Feng-Shui professional to support you with speeding things up.

Step into blissful abundance and say godbye to limiting beliefs!

I help you to release your money blocks and other energetic constraints! Let's find out whether it comes from your house- or land-design or whether it's rooted in past lives and ancestors.

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