Archetypes Coach by Randolf M. Schäfer

Imagine that you could recognize and assess yourself so well at an early age that you would do everything that corresponds to your personal being, discover real inclinations and follow your very own soulpath.

Unimagined dimensions are now possible!
All shackles fall off!

Appointments and bookings available from February 2022.

Everything comes into harmony and harmony when people bring their qualities to the world accordingly and develop their powers.

Get to the highest level, claim greatest insights about your potential and step into your ulitmate power!

  • Who am I in my true nature?
  • What values ​​does my soul want to live out?
  • What kind of dealings suit me?
  • What is the relationship with my family like?
  • What is my self expression?
  • What job should I do?
  • What am I looking for in a partnership?
  • How do I experience the greatest possible transformation?
  • How do I experience the greatest growth?
  • What is the highest law in my life that I should submit to?
  • How is my role in society defined?
  • How free am I to act and leave personal motives behind?

Your longing to know who you really are will be satisfied in order that you can take responsibility for being part of the big picture.

Seize this opportunity.