Paperback Wholehearted Wonder Women 50 Plus


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Seeking inspiration that moves you into action towards your biggest dreams and desires? Who doesnt want a toolkit for confidence, courage and creativity!

Look no further, grab a copy of this book and receive the Wholehearte Wonder Women Manifesto for free. If you wish the Author will sign your hardcopy activating it with blissful Tao Master energy adding the words “LOVE & ABUNDANCE” or according to your wish.

I was honoured to write Chapter 22, Tao Heart Wisdom, Magnetize Love & Attract Blissful Abundance Into Your Life first published 2021 in collaboration with Lulu Trevena, Founder of Live Life with Wonder.

Huge gratitude from heart to heart to:
Lulu Trevena, Chapter 1, If Not Now, When? Receiving Life with Grace, Wonder, and Awe brought together 22 strong women around the world.
Laura Di Franco, Founder of Brave Healer Productions, Warrior Goddess Journaling, Conquering Purpose-Driven Fear With a Pen Laura guided us through the writing process in the most professional and delightul way.
Francoise Everett, Chapter 13, Founder of Francoise is one of my beloved 5 leadership sisters of Feminine Power and inspired me to be an author.

We encourage you to connect with the authors, read our stories and use our tools. Live into the shared teachings and the blessings each and every author offers with her words, skill, and heart.

My message

Dear Readers

Be bold and decide what matters to you. In meeting challenge rather than avoiding it, we find great opportunities for growth and success follows naturally. Facing our pain and fear we gain mastery over it. Last but not least when taking time to integrate and rejuvenate we do have great energy. Find out how to activate the heart-energy in your life and shine your light! May something that your heart truly wants happen for you! I wish you heaven’s luck, divine love, and earthly support right now and for the years to come.

Bio of the author of Chapter 22:

Sandra Leoni

Sandra Leoni is the Founder of Tao Heart Dimension, known for her skills to point out what is holding you back from real success and deepest fulfillment. Her mission is to support clients and educate students to be in harmony with their environment, gain more energy, and increase consciousness on many levels. She has supported hundreds of people to reveal their true potential and increase success to reach a higher level of fulfillment. Sandra considers heart, soul, mind, and body as sacredly entwined. She’s convinced our soul knows the truth, and we came here on earth to experience love and abundance. She trusts in feeling and guidance. Whether a human heart feels pain or joy, it unveils the grade of alignment with our soul’s purpose and life itself.

Her healing journey led her to many countries and great masters in Feng-Shui, Tao Geomancy, Soul Coaching, and Astrosophy. She healed herself by choosing aliveness and is always looking for the synchronicities life offers. Her ultimate personal goal is to master life, trusting in its process. Knowing if we did a good job and have inspired ourselves and maybe one or two others to live joyfully, we’ll be blessed to happily smile back in old age, knowing it was all worth it!

Sandra is currently participating in the certification program of Professional Feminine Power Transformational Leadership. She is looking forward to helping women in the future to become themselves fully, unleash their greatest gifts, discover their purpose, create deep intimacy and thriving relationships, awaken their spiritual potential, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Her personal love language includes watching the waves of the ocean, enjoying walks on the beach, hiking in the mountains, tasting Mediterranean delicacies with her friends, having deep chats, dancing wildly, reading good books. She considers it the greatest luxury to listen to the stillness of nature.

Praise for Wholehearted Wonder Women 50 Plus

"This inspiring wholehearted book will guide you to let go of your baggage, honor your inner gifts, and move into the most empowering time of your life." — Rachael Jayne Groover, founder of The Awakened School, best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine and Divine Breadcrumbs

"A poetic and heart-full invitation to beauty, wonder, and grace; an invitation through story, intimacy, and the wisdom of experience, to jump into your calling and walk through the door of aging being all of who you were meant to be." — David Bedrick, J.D., Dipl. PW, author of You Can`t Judge a Body by Its Cover and Talking Back to Dr. Phil

"Wholehearted Wonder Women 50 Plus is filled with strong women, sharing themselves and their wisdom with each other and with the next generations. As we contribute to each other, we all become wiser, stronger, more peaceful, and joyful. Through that sharing, we lift each other, our families, and communities." — Deberah Bringelson, global business growth authority, empowerment expert, Forbes Coaches Council official member

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